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Dovini Mattress European Inspired Made in America

A Family That Knows Sleep!

At Dovini we only care about one thing: your quality of sleep. When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, we don't negotiate. We have put our 126 years of combined experience into creating the greatest mattress you have ever slept on. Try it out to see for yourself!

Dovini Mattress on bed frame

Dovini Sleep is Amazing Sleep

"I love my new Dovini. We bought if for our spare room so I would have a place to go when I snore. Now, I look forward to getting kicked out of bed. Its great!"


Made For All Types of Sleepers

Dovini mattresses are engineered and tested to provide ideal comfort for all body shapes and sizes. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach; weigh 100 or 200 pounds, Dovini will contour to every part of you and give you the best sleep possible. Guarateed!

Set Up Your New Mattress in Minutes!

I used to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Not anymore! With my new Dovini Mattress I fall asleep in no time. - F.N.

It took a few weeks for me to adjust to foam from innerspring, but once I did I'm really happy with Dovini. I wake up with no shoulder pain as I did with my last mattress. After a month of sleeping on it I got one for my kids’ also. - D.L.

Get Our Deluxe Thermo Top Cool Touch Mattress Encasement FREE!

When you buy any Dovini mattress, we will send you an Encasement for free!

The Mattress Encasement provides an additional layer of protection, keeping your mattress clean and cool. Our Cool-Touch Mattress Encasements are made with the same Cool Touch Fabric as the mattress cover, so you will not even know it’s there, except of course if you happen to spill something on your Dovini.

Dovini Mattress on bed frame

Better Design Means Better Rest

Years of design and manufacturing experience has led to the creation of the Dovini Mattress Layer System. Just the right amount of layers, not too many, not too few, to allow for an ideal and restful sleeping experience. Our three layer system provides the perfect amount of plushness and bounce for comfort while transitioning to the supportive base your body needs. There is no quicksand or hard to turn over feeling on the Dovini. The quality of the Dovini layers is what is important.

Dovini Mattress Features

Dovini Comfort Foam
Provides 2” of unique viscoelastic type SpringTex™ foam. It is specifically designed to energize and slightly soften in response to body heat, which is the key to providing highly adaptive comfort, ease of movement, and excellent pressure relief.

Dovini Ventilated Contour Layer
Our 2 1/2" adaptive contour layer works in conjunction with the support layer and the comfort layer to provide comfortable, even distribution of your body weight regardless of size or shape. This layer is ventilated and allows gradual distribution of body weight to the support layer without the feeling of hitting a hard surface and without the sinking in feeling.

Body Support Base
Our durable 5 1/2" body support foam layer provides a solid base for the Contour and Comfort layers and adds long term strength and durability to the mattress. This layer prevents the bottoming out feeling and helps keep the mattress firm enough on all sides to allow the user to sleep to the edge without the rolling out of bed feeling.

Dovini Cool-Touch Thermo Top Fabric™
Provides perfect temperature control in combination with the Dovini comfort layer, ventilated contour layer and breathable base.


Order any Dovini Mattress Directly from Gateway and Shipping is Free

I Loveeeee my Dovini Mattress. Delivered on time and it was set up quickly and no problem moving it around a few times until it was in the perfect spot. The cooling pad is amazingggg. So happy with what I got."

Allie S.

Dovini Mattress on bed frame
Dovini Mattress on bed frame

Dovini Mattress with Free Thermo Top Cool Touch Encasement

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